Looking at Places Through Artist’s Eyes

This article originally appeared on Shelterforce.org on January 11, 2017. To read the complete article and more pieces on the role of the arts in community development, visit Shelterforce.org. For many visual artists… Continue reading

Germany’s Ferguson Ten Years On: The Unsolved Case of Oury Jalloh

“Oury Jalloh! It was murder!” Every January since 2005, activists from all over Germany have journeyed to the former East, carrying placards and posters bearing the phrase. In the beginning their activities seemed… Continue reading

Hands Up: Black Male Playwrights Turning Art into Activism

The protests that erupted in Ferguson, Missouri, following the killing of an unarmed black teenager at the hands of state police have prompted a group of New York-based playwrights to speak out. Six… Continue reading

“Every Day Is Hard”: Survivors and Their Allies Speak Out at Columbia

Wesley Morris joined the Union Theological Seminary at Columbia University after seven years of working for social justice in Greenville, NC. He had hoped to take some time off from activism once he… Continue reading

Work-in-Progress: The Champion

North Carolina on a cold winter night in 1962. Nina Simone and her trio have just come off tour and are desperate to get home. A snowstorm has grounded their flight, so they… Continue reading

English-Free Zone: The Beauty of Language

At Jubilee Market Place on 68th and Freedom Place in Manhattan, a sign hangs just beside the deli counter that reads ‘English-Only Zone.’ It’s not one of those notices you might find scribbled… Continue reading

Forty-One Times (in memory of Trayvon Martin)

40 for free 39 for his sister 38 for his mother 37 for his baby 36 for the half-love at home 35 for the reasons he ran here instead of staying 34 there… Continue reading

A Sad Nobody: Mental Illness and Gun Control

After the Sandy Hook shooting, a statement circulated around Facebook that was falsely attributed to Morgan Freeman about the role of the media in glamorizing perpetrators of gun violence. That the author of… Continue reading

Dear Mayor Bloomberg: One Does Not Live on Soda Ban Alone

In one of my writing classes at Fordham, we debated Mayor Bloomberg’s recent proposal to address the obesity epidemic by imposing a ban on 20 oz. soft drinks sold at New York City… Continue reading

Madness Abounds: Macbeth at the Lincoln Center Festival [spoilers]

Madness abounds in Shakespeare. King Lear strips off his clothes and goes racing into a lightning storm, driven to the breaking point by his two ingrate daughters. Hamlet pretends so well to be… Continue reading

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