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The Most Unsatisfied Town


The Guardian, 27 October 2006

Many Men’s Wife, by Amy Evans, starts folk-style, with three Sudanese men flirting charmingly in Khartoum with the woman who, smiling, serves them tea. Only when one man alone proves importunate does she suddenly reprove him … Her thunderbolt-out-of-the-blue is one of the few dramatic masterstrokes I have encountered in new playwriting this year.

– Alastair Macaulay, Financial Times


Reviews - Achidi J's Final Hours


This is, by some distance, the best play that I have seen this year. Bracing, intense and tragic, it is compellingly, convincingly performed and succeeds in combining its political message with a tragedy caused by human foibles.

– Glen Baker, Morning Star


Ein Klub Voeller Selbsdarsteller