A Sad Nobody: Mental Illness and Gun Control

After the Sandy Hook shooting, a statement circulated around Facebook that was falsely attributed to Morgan Freeman about the role of the media in glamorizing perpetrators of gun violence. That the author of… Continue reading

Santa in July: Tips for Health Insurance Companies That Don’t Know How to Spend Our Money

Earlier this year I took out indemnity insurance with Empire Health Choice, fulfilling a promise to myself to buy some sort of coverage after seven years of playing the numbers. Indemnity insurance is,… Continue reading

World Premiere: Traumata, Traumatismes by Ousmane Aledji and Agbo-N’koko

“It is not by coincidence that this play is called ‘Traumata’. Actually, I wanted to write something that is positive and reaches towards the future. But can one be optimistic when one is… Continue reading

Staged Reading: Yesterday, Tomorrow

“Yesterday, Tomorrow” is based on Nuruddin Farah’s book, Yesterday, Tomorrow: Voices from the Somali Diaspora. It is a portrayal of the personal stories of people who, due to political instability in postcolonial Somalia, find… Continue reading

jozy.tv: The Most Unsatisfied Town, 27 April 2010

Video courtesy of Thabo Thindi at jozy.tv.

Staged Reading: The Most Unsatisfied Town

There are three parts to this game. The beginning, where you set up your strategy. The midgame, where you execute the strategy. And the endgame, where anything is possible. The loser may become… Continue reading

The Most Unsatisfied Town

Based on the death-in-custody of Oury Jalloh and the political movement that arose from the case, The Most Unsatisfied Town takes an intimate look at a community transformed by an unspeakable act of… Continue reading

Yesterday, Tomorrow: Voices from the Somali Diaspora

A staged reading of YESTERDAY, TOMORROW: VOICES FROM THE SOMALI DIASPORA by acclaimed author Nuruddin Farah, co-directed and conceptualized by Grada Kilomba and Amy Evans The second LEBENSLINIEN (lifelines) edition focuses on Nuruddin… Continue reading

Uptown Dessau and the Mason-Dixon Line

I visited Dessau for the second time last week and got a starkly different impression of the place. On my first visit I got as far as 100 meters outside of the train… Continue reading

Dessau or “The Most Unsatisfied Town”

I recently read that the town of Dessau was declared Germany’s ‘most unsatisfied town’ by the magazine Stern in 2003. Six years later, I wonder how much this has changed. Dessau is host to… Continue reading

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