Santa in July: Tips for Health Insurance Companies That Don’t Know How to Spend Our Money

Earlier this year I took out indemnity insurance with Empire Health Choice, fulfilling a promise to myself to buy some sort of coverage after seven years of playing the numbers. Indemnity insurance is,… Continue reading

Night Catches Us: A Review

A friend and I started 2011 by viewing one of the few screenings of Night Catches Us in New York. As we walked and talked, our conversation shifted from the film to our… Continue reading

World Premiere: Traumata, Traumatismes by Ousmane Aledji and Agbo-N’koko

“It is not by coincidence that this play is called ‘Traumata’. Actually, I wanted to write something that is positive and reaches towards the future. But can one be optimistic when one is… Continue reading

Staged Reading: Yesterday, Tomorrow

“Yesterday, Tomorrow” is based on Nuruddin Farah’s book, Yesterday, Tomorrow: Voices from the Somali Diaspora. It is a portrayal of the personal stories of people who, due to political instability in postcolonial Somalia, find… Continue reading The Most Unsatisfied Town, 27 April 2010

Video courtesy of Thabo Thindi at

Staged Reading: The Most Unsatisfied Town

There are three parts to this game. The beginning, where you set up your strategy. The midgame, where you execute the strategy. And the endgame, where anything is possible. The loser may become… Continue reading

Earthquake Relief in Haiti: Partners in Health

Partners in Health, founded by doctor and activist Paul Farmer, believe in providing medical care based on solidarity rather than charity. Their belief is that health care involves activism on all levels, from… Continue reading

Earthquake Relief in Haiti: An Urgent Appeal

Sister Juvénia Joseph, a Catholic nun from Haiti, participated in one of my ESL classes at Fordham University in 2007. Recently I learned that the building where her congregation was housed in Haiti has… Continue reading

Haiti Disaster Relief

If you are searching for initiatives or places where you can make a donation toward earthquake relief efforts in Haiti, please have a look at the list below. Please also remember that if… Continue reading

Review: Mo’Nique is Precious … the rest of us are OK too.

Where I wanted to be one of the many voices applauding Precious as an inspirational triumph, I was admittedly underwhelmed by a film that, while punctuated by moments of excruciating truth — most… Continue reading

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