The Stoics

CRAFT, originally founded in 2017, publishes work in fiction and nonfiction, and in doing so aims to draw attention to questions related to the writer’s craft and stylistic approach. I am honored and thrilled that “The Stoics,” a short excerpt from my memoir-in-progress, was joint winner of the 2021 Craft Literary Nonfiction Award, judged by Ira Sukrungruang (Southside Buddhist …check it out if you haven’t read it!).

“The Stoics” is a marvel of an essay where the story builds and builds with every flip of the page, builds and builds with the strain that clenches this family, builds and builds like the father’s growing gun collection in his closet. All the while the shadow of a mother’s suicide haunts and hovers. “The Stoics” puts into question a family history one always shoulders, a history one can never shed. 

— Ira Sukrungruang

Read “The Stoics” here: