Earthquake Relief in Haiti: An Urgent Appeal

Sister Juvénia Joseph, a Catholic nun from Haiti, participated in one of my ESL classes at Fordham University in 2007. Recently I learned that the building where her congregation was housed in Haiti has been completely destroyed, and that many of the Sisters have been either killed or left injured by the recent earthquake. In spite of their losses, they are doing what they can to help provide relief to other earthquake victims.

I asked Sr Juvénia as to the best way to assist and she asked that donations toward supporting her congregation be made to the Daughters of Mary religious order. Contributions will go directly toward helping the congregation support earthquake victims with medicine and vital food supplies.

If you’re a well-intentioned, but wary soul like me, and you like to know where your giving is going, then you’ve probably been scrutinizing websites to make sure that what you contribute reaches its destination. In this case, you can be confident that what you give is going straight to where it’s needed. You can contribute to Sr Juvénia’s congregation in Haiti to support their relief efforts by sending a check made out to ‘Daughters of Mary’ to the following address:

Sr Juvénia Joseph
332 East 32nd Street
Brooklyn, NY 11226

If you’d like to donate food or clothing, you can do so through the Catholic Relief Services.
Many of us are, understandably, strapped for cash these days, and I imagine that many have by now already sent contributions. Still, please dig as deeply as you can as this crisis continues to unfold, and rest assured that every little bit you send has a massive impact.